Inspire your friends!

You already know there is a great variety of home textile products in top quality at Erwin Müller. As a satisfied customer recommend us to your friend without hesitance. For a new customer on your recommendation we will reward you with a shopping voucher worth 20€.

Recommend your friend and win a voucher
- this is how it works!
  1. The new customer fills out his address and orders in the form below.
  2. You as an existing Erwin Müller customer add your own customer number and address.
  3. Click on the 20€ voucher.
Please note the conditions below:
  • Your friend has to order at least for €50,- and complete the full payment.
  • Your friend will be acknowledged as a new customer, only if she did not order at our shop during last 3 years.
  • You cannot recommend people living in the same household.
  • This program applies only within Europe.
  • The vourcher cannot be paid out in cash.
  • We will add a credit of 20€ to your customer account as reward, as soon as we completed the delivery of the order to your friend and when the full payment has been made by the new customer.
  • The earmarked voucher will expire after one year, if the new customer did not order within this period.