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Bella Italia

bring Italian charm into your home!

Whether you drive to Tuscany via the Brenner Pass or simply fly to Sicily, whether in a cosy flat in Rome, Florence, Milan or a residence in the middle of vineyards – Italy always fascinates us with its magical charm. Just like J.W. von Goethe in the 18the century, innumerable people are still heading to the warm South even today.

Well, who will resist pizza, pasta, coffee, wine and the sun, after all!? If you love the Italian lifestyle but cannot make it to the European South this time, Erwin Müller online shop is the right address for you! Browse through our shop and enjoy La Dolce Vita at your own home!

Fiery red and
floral motifs -

a great start into the day!

The South Europe is fiery and playful at the same time, the nature is also to be found inside the houses. You will discover various floral patterns and ornaments on the bed linen, crockery, in the fashion and also at decor items. It’s all up to you, whether you go for strong colours such as red or lemon yellow or rather for gentle colours or even cool blue or green.

Also a touch of rustic charm is typical for the Italian style: Natural materials such as stone and wood, for example. Add a matching bed linen with ornaments and in soothing shades to create a perfect harmony of something rough and playful. If you prefer a neat, modern look, a plain coloured duvet cover will be a good choice, for example in the colours of the Italian flag: green, white or red. No matter what your choice would look like for your bedroom, you will feel lovely as if in a holiday, when you get up from one of our bed linens of the theme world Bella Italia. Treat yourself to a cup of cappuccino in a stylish coffee mug in casual clothing, well, that’s a great start into the day!

Freshness and Joy
for your bath
and kitchen -

from the country, where the lemons ripe

During the warm seasons, there is nothing more pleasant than a refreshing shower. Shower gel and shampoo that smell like citrus fruits are especially popular in warm months and they bring a southern feel in your shower. You can add more luxury to your personal wellness oasis by high quality hand towels as well as by elegant soap dispenser. Transform the daily routine to a wellness ritual and enjoy a relaxing time for yourself in your bathroom. Your skin deserves something really premium quality.

The love for fresh citrus fruits is not just limited to the bathroom but can continue to the dining table: The warm colour of sun-ripe lemon makes you feel cheerful and exudes a southern flair full of life. Tablecloths with lemon motifs and crockery in vibrant yellow will make your table full of sunshine even on a cloudy day.

Vineyards, lemon plantation, olive groves -

that´s Italy!

Next to the popular wine and the wonderfully fresh lemons, the tasty olives are one of the typical symbols that remind us of Italy. Not only the shady trees in the landscape but also the olive oil in the Italian kitchen, it’s simply impossible to think of Italy without the Mediterranean stone fruit.

Why don’t you get this unmistakably Italian feature in forms of stylish tablecloths, cushions and crockery for your own home? Let your dinner guests enjoy their pasta or salad on the table mats with the patterns of olive twigs and with the dressing of elegant olive oil dispenser. Just get inspired!

Dinner at your
private pizzeria -

Buon Appetito!

For your private Italian ristorante in a classy look, you will need neutral dinnerware, high quality cutlery and other attractive accessories. White tablecloths and plain porcelain as well as stainless steel napkin rings and high quality fabric napkins will transform your conventional table into an unusually elegant dinner table. High-grade wine glasses are certainly a must and small bowls for olives and other antipasti, too. Your guests will feel comfortable and relaxed wrapped in a thin yet cosy summer blankets. Our suggestion: Serve your guest Italian wine from a rustic yet elegant wine cooler! 

All for pizza,
pasta and more!

What’s the most important thing in an Italian kitchen? Right, the passion for cooking. Cooked with love, every piece of pizza and every plate of spaghetti tastes double so good. The true foodies make pizza and pasta dough anyway for themselves, so forget deep-frozen food, readymade noodles and canned sauce and browse through at the Erwin Müller online shop!

Make your own spaghetti or tagliatelle easily at home and let the fresh pasta air-dried on a pasta rack until you put them into the boiled water. You can cook spaghetti al dente in an asparagus-pasta pot. A garlic press will be of great help for the delicious tomato sauce. For the perfect pasta taste, use a parmesan grater to spread the hard cheese directly on the served dish. After baking your home-made pizza on a pizza sheet, a sharp knife or a pizza cutter will cut the pizza in neat pieces. Buon Appetito!

Holiday feeling at home!

From spring to the autumn, we love to spend our time outside in the fresh air, in the patio, on the terrace, balcony and in the garden. After long and cold winter days, it feels as if on a holiday when you use some stylish accessories for the outer area of your home. For example, doormats, cushions, flower pots and decorative wreaths.

You will find a whole variety of accessories you might like. Here in the theme world “Bella Italia”, you will find a part of our selection which matches to the theme Italy. Have a look at our decoration items and pick your favorite!

Stylish decoration -

to invite you to linger!

Complete the look, whether inside or outside your house, with lovely accessories such as tea lights, fresh flowers and Mediterranean herbs in stylish pots. You will find beautiful candle holders for the evening and stylish vases for your favorite flowers in our online shop. Pretty pots for herbs and other plants create a cosy atmosphere and a plant grid will help you create a natural privacy screen made of climbing plants. Erwin Müller offers all kinds of accessories for your house, balcony and garden to make your home special.
Relax and enjoy Bella Italia at home!