The right grill tool is a must-have!



A real master of grill does care about the right tool. Barbecue tongs and a high quality steak knife are indispensable. Turn your meat or vegetable quickly over and enjoy the taste. Barbecue is not just about a piece of meat. Enjoy a variety of vegetable, corn on the cob, foiled potatoes, fish or burger for unlimited grill fun!


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BBQ-enjoyment of a special kind



To add a gourmet experience with aroma, you can use aroma grilling planks. These are mostly made from specific woods which enfold unusual aroma when heated. An aroma plank made from salt is another great option. Simply put your food on a grilling plank and put it on your grill grate. You will be surprised by a special taste and aroma..


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 Grill Accessoires & BBQ Tools – Fire starter


A charcoal grill is the classical choice for many barbecue masters. To make sure that the grill is ready for use, a practical charcoal chimney starter can be a great help. It is a metal cylinder with holes for ventilation.


Fill it with coals or briquettes and light it on fire from under using some quick burning materials such as lighter cubes or paper.


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After grilling is before grilling


After a tasty piece of meat or vegetable from the grill, don’t forget to clean your grill grate as soon as possible. Barbecue grill brush with small steel bristles will get rid of food residues, so that you don’t have to worry about a sticky grill grate at your next grill party..




It’s barbecue time again! The days get longer, the temperature warmer. Wouldn’t it be lovely to invite friends and family for a pleasant BBQ evening? We’ve got lots of must-haves for barbecue lovers. Get inspired!

Out into the green!


Barbecue time is a time in the open air. Don’t limit yourself to your own house or garden. Take a portable grill and pack your picnic basket and go out to the nature! Make a cuddly blanket and cushions to create an open-air-table. Keep your whine wine cool in a wine cooler and don’t forget your bottle opener. Let the sun shine through the crown of a tree and relax and chill-out with a barbecue dinner.


Let the evening end!


Turn your terrace to an eye-catcher and a place-to-be! After a leisurely barbecue, treat yourself to a delicious cocktail or long drink with your family. Let the evening fade away pleasantly. Turn your outdoor space into a lovingly designed place that will bring you delicious and beautiful moments together with friends and family.