Listen to the crackling sound of your fireplace!


Relax and unwind yourself sitting comfortably in front of a flickering fireplace after a long day. Make your fireplace room a cosy oasis for yourself using small accessories from Erwin Müller.


 It's cuddling time! – Home textile for a cosy, cuddling time



You need great home textiles to cuddle up against. Discover decorative cushion covers and warm blankets and throws. Typical check patterns or stripes, you will find lots of designs at Erwin Müller.


Fleecy-soft, brushed duvet covers and pyjamas, cuddly bed socks and hot water bottles are another elements which will provide you a cuddly and cosy feeling at home.  





Which accessories for your fireplace room?


Think of accessories which will exude warmth. A good starting point could be to create a harmonious look with the design of your fireplace. Whether an elegant and modern one made from metal elements or a shabby-chic look, you can underline the atmosphere by adding matching accessoires. Stacking logs, for example, can exude an alpine atomosphere. A log holder basket might add a cottage charm.


If you have a traditional fireplace from the granny's generation, simply put a nice throw and decorative cushion on your sofa to create that cosy feel. Lovely heart-shaped hanging decorations at your window will also create an inviting atomosphere.


A cuddly blanket or fleecy lambswool on your sofa or in front of the fireplace and soft tea lights are other good ideas.




Arrange your fireplace room with love ♥


Days are getting shorter and it's getting really cold outside. It's time to make your home warm and cosy! A fireplace warms up your heart as well as your house. Watching flickering fire and listening to the crackling sound will soothe your souls and make you forget the stress of the day.

Make your fireplace room a favourite place!


You will find gorgeous decoration items at Erwin Müller which will add warmth and cosiness. From cuddly throws to lovely candle holders, you will find great items to arrange your fireplace according to your own taste!






Fireplace dinner instead of candle light dinner


Invite your friends and family for a dinner in your cosy fireplace room! Let them surprised by your fabulous table setting. Erwin Müller offers a great range of table linen, glassware and dinnerware to make your fireplace dinner perfect!

Well-being at the highest level!


Bring your day to a close with a sauna visit and feel your body and soul recover from the cold and daily stress. Discover a fantastic range of cuddly Erwin Müller bathrobes and spar wraps for your sauna visit!