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Christmas is in the air and it brings joy, contemplation and love. With the Christmas preparation, joyful anticipation increases from day to day. You can create a small Christmas paradise with right Christmas decoration.


Cuddly throws, tea lights decorated with stars, cinnamon fragrance are perfect ideas to spend the Christmas time with your loved ones.

Tea towels for Christmas -
always a good idea!



Dish cloths are old-fashioned? Not at all! First of all, tea towels are practical gifts. Moreover, they are a funny alternative to gift wrapping paper. The tea towels are usually available in a bundle and have the size of 50 x 70 cm. The perfect size to wrap books or other small presents! So you can make 2 presents in 1 and save gift paper at the same time.


Choose between Christmas motifs with reindeer, snow crystals and Santa Claus or go for flowers, funny animals or cheeky sayings that are suitable all year round.


Some tea towels can be embroidered with names to add a personal touch. If you plan to wrap a gift for someone, a tea towel with name embroidery is a fantastic idea to mark the present, so that everyone gets the right one.

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Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! -
Decoration for the Christmas tree


Did you know that people who start early with Christmas decoration feel happier? Spread all the joy by decorating your home for Christmas! The Christmas tree is the centre of every Christmas feast. So, it definitely deserves proper decoration. Don’t be shy! Go for beautiful Christmas baubles, small hanging stars, lametta and straw stars. Let little angel figures fly at the tree. Instead of real candles, choose safe LED fairy lights.


If you are traditionalist and want to use real candles on your Christmas tree, do make sure to have a bucket full of water always at hand and never leave your Christmas tree unattended. Christmas baubles are not only great to be looked at the tree but they are also great eye-catchers on your Christmas dinner table. Adding some glittering Christmas decoration or figurines on windowsills or shelves will finish the look creating a beautiful Christmas atmosphere.



Cuddly decoration
for Christmas
Christmas time is cuddle time!



The cold days in the year entail also something really lovely. Well, what else could be cozier than wrapping yourself snuggly in a soft and fleecy blanket to unwind in the evening? Treat yourself to an extra portion of coziness by blankets and bed linens with beautiful Christmas motifs.



It’s not just the Christmas tree that makes great Christmas decoration. Even home textiles, cuddly bed socks and warm pyjamas can be great parts of your Christmas atmosphere at home, too.




Fesitve Christmas

dinner table


Christmas brings people and family together. Christmas dinner table decorated with much love, matching tableware and of course a delicious meal is just the right thing to make your Christmas joyful and happy.





In the Christmas bakery …


Baking Christmas biscuits simply belongs to the Christmas time. There are many kitchen utensils and gadgets to help you master this task. So, put on your apron! A practical baking mat on your kitchen table will prevent stains and you can roll your biscuit dough with peace of mind. There are various shapes of cookie cutters, from the traditional Christmas stars to funny moose shapes. Cookies baked in fabulous shapes will make them taste more delicious.


If you have less time for baking, just go for a practical baking sheet with pre-moulded motifs. For example, you will love a tray with crescent moulds for the vanilla crescent biscuits. Having a silicone baking mat means that you will never have to worry about not having baking paper at home. Easy and stress-free!








in the storage box




After having baked all those Christmas cookies, it’s important to keep them fresh in storage containers until Christmas comes. Storage boxes made from metal or glass, with timeless designs or Christmas motifs? Maybe one cookie box for each family member? What about a clip top glass full of Christmas biscuits as a gift?


You could attach a small note with Christmas greetings and a lovely cookie cutter to the glass, so that the recipients could be inspired for cookie baking, too.

Advent, Advent a little light is burning!



The Advent wreath is a symbol of the Christmas season and it is often the beginning of our preparation for the feast of love. It means to calm ourselves down once a year and get ready for the joyful yet contemplative time.


An Advent calendar also makes waiting for Christmas pleasant and joyful. Both the Advent crown and the Advent calendar are also great Christmas decoration items and they are simply must-haves for the season. Discover gift ideas with a personal touch and enjoy reflective moments under the flickering candle lights of your Advent wreath.


With a little bit of imagination, you can make your Advent wreath on your own. You can, for example, decorate the wreath with angel hair, small baubles and walnuts coloured in gold. Put 4 candles in place to light them one after another.