... invite a sea breeze into your home!


The charm of the North Sea coast can create an airy-light interior style with the greatest of ease. Home fabrics in blue and white shades will remind you of a roofed wicker beach chair of the North Sea. Make yourself comfortable and turn your home into a little nautical paradise with
a few simple ideas.


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Maritime scent


Using a refreshing room fragrance that reminds you of the sea will add a feeling of a beach house as well.





bath turban


Soft and absorbent hair towel for home and for travel. Put the wide opening over your head, twist the end and fix the loop over the button.


Luxuriously thick, soft and absorbent pure cotton towelling hair turban.
Large enough for drying long hair. If you have short hairs, simply twist the towel a few times more before fixing it over the button.



Moin, Moin!


Bed linen in nautical style



Start your day in a good mood after a refreshing sleep! Bed linens with nautical details will bring a fresh touch to your bedroom. Add a cuddly bedspread for a neat look.


You may even wear the “North Sea Feeling” for a sleep. Comfy and cosy pyjamas and night shirts with trendy nautical motifs will make you dream of a wicker beach chair and a swim in the refreshing North Sea.





The living room
at the North Sea



The living room is the central part of a house and should therefore exude comfort and the feeling of security. The nautical interior style is ideal to create an easy-going and cosy atmosphere.


Cuddly cushion covers with the motifs of seahorses or anchors can be combined harmoniously with other nautical decoration elements.


Candle holders made of ropes, fish-shaped figurines or small boats will spread the coastal charm in your whole house. Using a refreshing room fragrance that reminds you of the sea will add a feeling of a beach house as well.


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Dinner on the beach!




Create an inviting dinner table with small decoration objects with coastal charm. Seahorses, candle holders with little anchors, fish figurines and small lighthouses can be coordinated perfectly.


Spreading some decoration sand, shells and sea stars can be great ideas, too. Table mats in blue and white will complete the nautical look. Invite your friends and family for a pleasant dinner in a holiday atmosphere!


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