We grant a 5-year guarantee on our private label, Erwin Müller for material defects or manufacturing defects of the products. This confidence in the quality of our products comes from the fact that we take great care of the quality of our products from the beginning until we deliver the product to our customers. The choice of raw materials and the production processes are supervised under very strict standards.

Our quality promise
Since over 70 years, we have been providing you with our assortments according to
the most strict quality requirements to keep our promise "Always the best products for our customers!".
The seal “5 years guarantee” stands for this promise.

The selection of raw materials

The quality control starts already with the careful selection of the raw cotton and with the decision on the further production processes. A special feature of Erwin Müller’s quality management. 

Environment-friendly selection of additives

As little chemicals as possible. It matters to us. A further principle of Erwin Müller. If synthetic finishing is inevitable, we always pay attention to the quality and the ecological aspects. This applies especially when it comes to textile dyes and their additives. 

Traditional refining finishing process

Some of the traditional textile production processes have centuries of history and provide us mechanical and non-toxic techniques to make fabrics smooth, shiny or crinkle. 

The most demanding production processes

Before the final production of the textiles, each detail will be examined with great care. For example, whether zippers work properly or not, or whether patterns are cut properly. 

In-house quality control

To make sure all these requirements are met, the products are put through their paces by our own quality management team in the head quarter of our company, before they are presented to our customers. 

Our quality promise

Products which proudly bear our label have to prove themselves to be distinguished by high quality materials and excellent workmanship from the beginning on. Modern technology as well as the trained eyes and hands of our quality management team play important roles. The products will leave our warehouse, only when all the strict criteria of our quality standards are fulfilled.

We grant a 5-year guarantee on our  quality brand Erwin Müller  for the material and the workmanship of the products. The guarantee period begins on the day the product is delivered to our customer.

The statutory warranty stays untouched.

A prerequisite for the application of the guarantee claim is your submission of the relevant invoice. In case of a legitimate claim, we will refund the full price you paid according to the invoice you provide us with.

This guarantee does not apply to natural worn-out damages, damages by improper usage and damages caused by poor or wrong maintenance. 

A subsequent purchase guarantee on pans, pots and dishes is excluded.

Please contact our service team in case of a guarantee claim under the telephone number 
+49 (0) 8274 52 508 or send an email to: service@erwinmueller.com