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Underwear and Loungewear


is the most popular textile fibre in the world. And for good reason. 100% cotton is biodegradable, breathable, and can regulate temperature and humidity. It is able to absorb up to 20% of its own weight in liquid without feeling damp to the touch. Cotton materials feel very comfortable against the skin (they do not "scratch") and agreeable to allergy sufferers.

Certified organic cotton

Cotton has been cultivated from many varieties of the mallow family for thousands of years in tropical and subtropical regions. The Egyptians were working with cotton as long ago as 12,000 B.C. In Babylon, cotton was referred to as "white gold". Alexander the Great brought cotton to Europe from India in 325 B.C. Since then, cotton has become the unrivalled king of the textiles and is now the most important and most widely used natural fibre in the world. Little wonder, since cotton is soft, does not tear, is hard-wearing, skin-friendly, highly absorbent, resistant to heat and also easy-care. Cotton stores moisture such as sweat, salt, acids and fats in the cavities of its fibres ready for release during the washing process. However, its mass cultivation in Egypt and other sub-tropical regions was often to the detriment of the environment and plant. But there is an alternative: certified organic cotton. No artificial fertilizers, pesticides or defoliants are used in the production of certified organic cotton. Genetically modified plants are also banned. Crops are harvested by hand. A fair trade policy is in place to support producers. End users too can rest easy since no agents or processes which might be harmful to the environment are used in onward processing. Certified organic cotton is particularly skin-friendly. Since it is non-irritating and hypoallergenic, it is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin. The first certified organic cotton product to be offered for sale by Erwin Müller is a throw by David Fussenegger.


This fibre's integrated capillaries give it a porous structure and its moisture absorption capacity is similar to that of cotton. Dunova can absorb up to 30% of its weight in liquid without swelling. The Dunova climate control fibre guarantees a constantly comfortable temperature - for summer and winter alike. Fabric softeners will reduce this fibre's absorption capacity and therefore should not be used!

Cotton flannelette and fine cotton flannelette

You'll feel warm and cosy when wrapped in this soft and cuddly fabric, which is brushed on one side for extra comfort. Since the fabrics are breathable, can regulate temperature and absorb moisture, your body will be kept at the ideal temperature. Cotton flannelette is woven from 100% cotton and fine cotton flannelette from 100% cotton or 100% maco cotton. The most sophisticated member of the cotton flannelette family, luxury maco cotton flannelette, always features the use of 100% maco cotton. Another benefit: if washed on a delicate cycle, these fabrics are largely non-iron.


is a loop fabric, which feels fleecy and soft. Small crinkled loops on the surface are a typical feature of this fabric. This technique enables the terry or towelling to absorb more moisture and explains why it is a popular choice for bath textiles (e.g. hand towels). The best way to get maximum benefit from your towelling products for as long as possible is by not using fabric softeners and always ensuring that your washing machine has a full load - this way, they will last longer.

  • Benefit from the manufacturer's expertise and always observe the care instructions.
  • Beweare of optical brighteners.
  • Do not use too much fabric softener.
  • Avoid decolouration or colour runs by washing white or light and dark coloured items separately.
  • It is normal for towelling to fluff a little initially.
  • The best way to dry towelling products is in a tumble dryer.
  • What should I do with pulled threads?
    Please do not try to pull them out, simply cut them off.
  • To prevent the loops pulling in your washing machine, always make sure you run on a full load.