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Table linen

Egyptian cotton damask

is a fine thread, densely woven luxury version of damask with a silky sheen. It is woven exclusively from 100% Egyptian cotton which is mercerised and super-combed. This high-quality fabric has a predominantly floral or ornamental pattern. The visual effect of this pattern is further reinforced by a special weaving method and sheen finish. Brocade damask is one of the most luxurious and finest qualities of damask.

Cotton, modal & linen

Cotton, modal & linen: An easy-care, crease-proof, easy-iron and durable two-ply table cloth - quality with the finest rustic linen structure.


This synthetic fibre is frequently used because of its easy-care characteristics. Polyester is highly form-stable and extreme resistant to light and weather. Accordingly, polyester filaments can be used in a wide variety of applications and are particularly popular in the technical textiles sector. Its good anti-absorbent properties mean that it dries quickly.


Organza is a highly delicate fabric made from natural or synthetic fibres. Elaborate finishing methods give this feather-light precious material its durability. Organza is therefore used for ornate table cloths.


made from pure cotton or a blend of cotton fabrics with a smooth, shiny surface. High durability at a constant level of quality. Should be ironed to maximise the life of the sheen on the material.


"Exquisite table culture" means elaborate and unusual handicraft: crocheted lace inserts, lace borders and high-quality embroidery. Please make sure you follow the care instructions for these exclusive table cloths.