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General information about duvets

How to find a right duvet for me?

The day actually starts with a night – only those who spent a relaxing night will have the best performance during the day. If you got up feeling yourself still heavily tired, it might not be just because you had a stressful day yesterday. It could well be your bedding that influences your sleep. The variety of bedding suitable for each season is large. You will find some information here to help you make your own choice.

How tall are you?

Are you so tall that your feet are hardly covered by the standard sized duvets? From the body height of 180 cm or taller, we recommend the use of a duvet with a minimum length of 20 cm. In our Erwin Müller online shop, we even have duvets with the length of 240 cm.
Practical advice: Do not throw away the “old” standard duvet with the length 200 cm! You can use it for hot summer nights!

Do you love cuddly sleep comfort?

Most people feel cozier and cuddlier when they wrap themselves snugly in their duvet. For this purpose, the standard width of 135 cm could feel not good enough. You will generally feel more blissful with the width of 155 cm or even the so-called French size of 200 cm.

Do you tend to sweat?

If yes, go for a light-weight duvet or duvets filled with natural hairs.

Do you feel the cold easily?

If yes, choose a down cassette duvet with high baffle walls. The higher the walls, the heavier the filling will be and the more heat retention is to be expected.

One needs two duvets!

And you need two duvets, too! You have suitable clothing for different seasons, don’t you? You have to do the same with your bedding, as well. So many people us the same duvets in summer and winter and they wonder themselves why they wake up in the morning feeling terribly whacked. No matter whether feathers, down, natural hair of micro-fibre fillings, one needs two duvets. Browse through our shop and discover the right duvet for your own need of warmth matched to the season.

The right pillow

A good pillow is an important factor for a relaxing night. Tension on the neck of back pain could come from a saggy pillow. A good pillow should provide a balance to the shoulder. The elasticity of a filling decreases after 3 years at the latest, no matter whether the filling is made of down, feathers, wool or microfiber.
Make a pillow test! Simply press your hand firmly into the pillow and put your hand away. If the recess stays, the pillow has already lost its elasticity. It’s time to change your pillow. When you make a test with a new pillow, the recess should disappear in a short time.

Mattress toppers

The optimum sleep condition is met when you can enjoy even warmth during the sleep. All the body functions are reduced when you are sleeping and this causes the temperature loss of your body. The temperature difference between the bedroom and inside your bedding creates automatically air draught, which leads to more loss of the warmth. A mattress topper can be a great help. It absorbs moisture, protects your mattress and improves your comfort.

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Warmth rates

Choosing the right duvet is not easy. Everybody has very subjective perception of warmth. Our definition of warmth rates can help you find the right duvet for your own need.

Warmth rate 1

Little heat retention – Light summer duvets, suitable for warm bedrooms

Warmth rate 2

Slight heat retention – Summer duvets or duvets for transitional seasons

Warmth rate 3

Normal heat retention – Light winter duvet or duvets for all seasons

Warmth rate 4

High heat retention – Winter duvets for rather cool bedrooms

Warmth rate 5

Especially high heat retention – Very warm winter duvets for people needing very much warmth, suitable for unheated bedrooms

Four-seasons duvet

You will receive 2 duvets with different quantities of fillings inside. The thinner duvet is for the summer, the thicker one for the autumn or for the spring. When you put both the duvets together using the poppers integrated, you can use it as a winter duvet, because by combining the two, there will be an insulating air layer making it suitable for cold winter time. This is a fantastic solution for all 4 seasons.

Further factors to consider before you buy a duvet:

- The type of your mattress
- Your current condition of your body and soul
- The size of the duvet. Larger duvets are felt warmer for most people
- The use of the duvet for you alone or for two of you together
- The type of your duvet cover, for example, sateen or seersucker feels rather cool on the skin while flannel fabric feels somewhat warmer.

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Duvet care & cleaning

When treated with the right care, a duvet can last very long.

Give it a good shake

Shaking your duvet daily is enough to make your filling voluminous and fluffy again.


We recommend to air your duvet regularly in a dry open area. However, avoid the direct sun ray, rain drops or mist.

Do not hit and do not use a vacuum cleaner

Please do not use a beater of a vacuum cleaner. This will destroy the fine-pored structure of the duvet casing, so that the filling might come through. This will reduce the durability of the duvet.

Washing or cleansing

Trust the expertise of the manufacturers and follow strictly the care instruction. All duvet with this symbol (see right) are machine washable. However, most household laundry machines are too small. A duvet can only enfold itself with its filling, when the washing machine is large enough. It might be well worth to give your duvet to a laundry facility.
Even after careful and intensive treatment and washing, a duvet must be changed after 6-8 years, pillows even after 3-5 years.