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Bath textiles


Our velvet-like, soft and voluminous chenille products are made from a "woven" yarn. Brightly-coloured chenille fabrics and even decorative borders for towelling products of all kinds are still woven by hand. The extraordinary design and colour effects are identical on the front and reverse.

Towelling velour

has a dense, velvet soft surface with a luxurious feel. As the loops on front are cut open and clipped, the moisture is predominantly absorbed by the loops on the reverse side.

Full terry towelling

is very soft and fleecy. Its softness and fullness is achieved by means of a special "wash/boil method" (milling). Special characteristics: highly absorbent.

Important tips

  • Benefit from the manufacturer's expertise and always observe the care instructions.
  • Beware of optical brighteners.
  • Do not use too much fabric softener.
  • Avoid decolouration or colour runs by washing white or light and dark coloured items separately.
  • It is normal for towelling to fluff a little initially.
  • The best way to dry towelling products is in a tumble dryer.
  • What to do with pulled threads?
    Please do not try to pull them out, simply cut them off.