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Allergy Relief

Facts about house dust mite allergy

Dust mite allergy is not caused by the mite itself but by its dead bodies and waste left behind. These excrements dry and fall into small particles and mix with the house dust. When the dust including the allergen swirls up in the air and you breathe it in, you may react with allergic symptoms.

The dust mite feeds on the dead cells of your skin. That’s why a bed is the ideal habitat of a dust mite. Because it does not feed on the filling of the mattress, pillow and duvet, the fill material of your bedding is not crucial but rather the sleep climate.

The house dust mite loves it humid and warm. Duvets filled with down and feathers or other natural hairs and fibres are not loved by dust mites, because these kinds of fill materials absorb the moisture and exude it to the atmosphere quickly. The dust mites do not like this dry climate.

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Optimum bedroom to reduce allergens

  • Get rid of all dust traps (book shelves, stuffed soft toys, carpets, upholstered furniture, heavy curtains, etc.) and clean dust regularly.
  • Air your bedding and your bedroom intensively and regularly. This will reduce humidity in your bedding and in the atmosphere.
  • Undress yourself or comb your hairs in the bathroom instead of bedroom, so that no dead skins from your body would fall down in your bedroom.
  • Avoid air heater and finned radiator and use panel radiator, instead and clean it often.
  • Remove pets and plants from your bedroom.
  • Say good-bye to a foldaway bed.
  • Chemical substances in furniture and textiles, even wall colours can cause allergic reactions. Go rather for natural materials, if you have a choice.
  • Get yourself a new duvet every 6-8 years.
  • Bedding recommendation for people suffering from dust mite allergy

  • The bedding must be washable at least at 60 °C.
  • Duvets filled with feathers and down certified with the label of NOMITE. Beddings carrying this label have special feather- and down-proof casings to ensure a barrier to house dust mites.
  • Duvets made of textile fibers can be recommended, because these can be washed regularly to remove dust, dead skin cells and mites regularly.
  • Protective casing of pillows, duvets and mattresses can prevent mites.
  • AllergoProtect

     Simple, but brilliant - this is now the AllergoProtect technology works! 

    Conventional bedding

    We are permanently surrounded by allergens – especially in bed. We inhale the positively charged allergens when sleeping. People with dust mite allergy react to this with symptoms that feel like a cold, blocked nose and irritation of the throat to asthmatic attacks. The consequence is poor sleep as if you were actually suffering from a cold.

    The magnetic power of AllergoProtect

    The duvet, the mattress protector and the pillow feature negatively charged particles that attract the positively charged allergens like a magnet and are proven to bind them until the next wash. You can enjoy a calm and relaxing sleep. Very simple, yet highly efficient!

    Hygienically clean after washing

    When the bedding is washed, the allergens are fully released and washed away to give you a fresh duvet, pillow and mattress protector free from allergens. This physical effect will not be washed out, so that people with allergies get utmost sleep comfort – permanently.
    Our washing recommendation: Wash your AllergoProtect bedding at 60 °C in a domestic washing machine whenever you feel that the effect is wearing off.

     The carefree package for your relaxing sleep! 

     Exclusive by Centa-Star: Beddings that bind allergens like a magnet. 


    Our advice!

    Pillow, duvet and mattress protector - use all the AllergoProtect bedding together to gain the optimum effect.
    - Casing:
    Super fine cotton with anti-allergenic finishing
    - Filling:
    AllergoFill microfibre fleece (100 % polyester) with anti-allergenic finishing
    - Finishing:
    Premium piping, length stitching to fit body
    - Washable at 60 °C


    - Casing:
    Super fine cotton with anti-allergenic finishing quilted with AllergoFill microfibre fleece (100 % polyester) with anti-allergenic finishing
    - Filling:
    Four separate inserts, cotton percale (100 % cotton), quilted with AllergoFill microfibre fleece (100 % polyester) with anti-allergenic finishing
    - Finishing:
    Quilted encasing with zipper, inserts for individual height adjustment

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    Mattress protector
    - Casing:
    Super fine cotton with anti-allergenic finishing
    - Filling:
    AllergoFill microfibre fleece (100 % polyester) with anti-allergenic finishing
    - Finishing:
    Quilted lengthwise, fixing straps
    - Washable at 60 °C

    All advantages at a glance:
    • The patent-registered technology
      The sleep solution for people with allergies
    • No biocide
      Binding of allergens simply through a physical principle
    • Clinically tested and proven
      AllergoProtect was awarded with the ECARF certificate
    • Can be used without encasings.
      Highest sleep comfort for people with allergies
    • Breathable and thermophysiologically perfect duvet
      No freezing or sweating, becasue no moisture is kept back in the duvet and the temperature stays constant
    • Ökotex Standard 100, Class I
    • 100% Made in Germany

     A distinguished product! 

    After over 2 years of development, Centa-Star brought the sensation to the bedding market: The duvet for people with allergy, which binds the allergen like a magnet. Previously, they had to choose between duvets and pillows with rustling, non-breathable encasings or a biocide finishing. With the purely physical principle of AllergoProtect, people with allergies can now also enjoy all the advantages of a lightweight, soft and breathable duvet without restrictions. AllergoProtect was clinically tested in a study with subjects suffering from dust mite allergy, examined by the Hohenstein Institutes and was awarded the ECARF certificate and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Class 1.

    Allergy-friendly awarded by ECARF

    The ECARF seal is the only international seal for allergy-friendly products and services. This seal gives you a guide to people suffering from allergies and also to people who want to avoid allergies. The seal is awarded by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation based in Berlin since 2006.

    The quality promised by Centa-Star

    AllergoProtect have been tested for several criteria by the Hohenstein Institue and confirmed by all the 5 categories.

    OEKO-TEX STANDART 100 Class 1

    The test standars of OEKO-TEX are revised year after year and they go well beyond the current laws. The seal "Standard 100" shows the consumer that the textile product is free from possible harmful substances. The Class 1 is the most demanding product class for textiles with intensive skin contact for babies and young children, thus it is only given when the most strict requirements are fulfilled.