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The colourful spring awakening


When the snow has melted away and cold winter days give way to the first warm sunrays, nature awakes to a new life. The birds return from the south and sing the most beautiful concerts, forests and meadows begin to bloom, the sun warms up your skin. With nature, also we people are more awake and ready for something new.


Start your day with a smile and welcome the first gentle sunlight and the fragrance of colourful meadow flowers! Suitable bed linens will make it even easier for you to wake up for a new spring day. What about playful flower patterns in warm rose-pink or in red, or even in refreshing blue or green shades?


Mixing floral patterns with plain coloured elements, for example using cushions or bedspreads, will create a perfect balance of playfulness and elegance.


Wear matching nightwear such as nightdresses or pyjamas which can be still worn for the morning coffee. No doubt, this is a great way for a gentle and pleasant start into every new day!


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Picnic and butterfly chase
for the whole family


Whether you want to start a day in a very special way or simply to have a relaxing and unwinding evening, a picnic is always a great alternative. You can have a picnic alone with your favourite book, with your better half or with a larger group of friends and family. All you need is a garden or an idyllic park, a blanket and ideally, soft cushions and a full picnic basket.


Fingerfood like cheese and fruit sticks, cut vegetables with yummy dips or freshly baked cake is simply the best choice for a picnic. Make yourself comfortable on a soft blanket and a cushion and simply feel the nearby nature. Observe small bugs and lovely butterflies, pick colourful flowers, run around the meadow and simply enjoy the fresh air and your companions.


Children will especially love a picnic prepared with some snacks. Take your child or grandchild by the hand and discover what the nature has got for you. You will find some must-haves for your picnic in our online shop


Our tip: This cotton blanket can also be used as a duvet in hot sommer nights!


Set a table ...

… in the most beautiful spring colours! Doesn’t matter whether it is for breakfast or coffee and cake or for a dinner, indoors or outdoors. Crockery with cheerful flower patterns in bright colours creates joyful spirits for any occasion.

Table linen with colourful prints will make your table look even more inviting and your food will look more tasty. You may even put a playful tablecloth on your picnic blanket to create a special look.

Another idea for a homey atmosphere: Seat pads and tea lights will invite you for exciting conversation in a long spring- or summer evening after a dinner. No matter which part of your house and garden, floral prints and brilliant colours are the trends of this spring.

Be brave when choosing colours and bring the sea of flowers to your bed, on the table and on your balcony!


Fantastic flower decoration
for your house and balcony


When the nature is awake to life and the big spring cleaning is done, the spring will also enter into your home. Small decoration figures in shapes of flowers or butterflies could hang at your windows. All shapes and colours of spring motifs might decorate the shelves, tables and drawers. It’s all up to you how to decorate your own home.


There are several all-rounders though, which can fit any interior. Candle holders and fairy lights, for example, create a warm light at your terrace and balcony for the first mild nights. Fresh flowers put in a stylish vase will bring nature into your home, too.


Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you don’t have to give up the joy of spring flowers. We recommend artificial flowers which never wither but look incredibly beautiful and genuine. Artificial flower wreaths are particularly decorative and exude a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere for your home.