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We wish you a Merry Christmas ...

… and a Happy New Year! It feels like just yesterday, as the leaves got red and brown and we had a long walk through the rustling leaves enjoying the last warm sun rays. But, suddenly, Christmas is around the corner! The days are shorter, the temperatures fall under zero, and the fog lies over the field in the morning now. Still, it’s no reason to mourn the end of summer and autumn! After all, winter has its own charm, too. Especially pre-Christmas season is wonderful! Think of having a cup of tasty tea or hot punch when you snuggle against your cuddly blanket sitting in front of the fireplace. Cuddly and warm socks, home slippers and pyjamas will help you to warm you up again after a winter walk in the cold or after a long Christmas shopping day. Christmas crockery and an Advent calendar will make waiting for Christmas much more exciting!

You will find a lot of products to make your Christmas time happy and cheerful. Browse through our Christmas theme world and discover fantastic items for the Christmas season.

Christmas tree – the most essential element
of Christmas decoration

It’s a Christmas tradition not only to decorate your home in a festive way but also to bring an evergreen tree into your living room and to decorate it as well. On Christmas Eve, presents for the whole family will be laid under the tree. Warm lights on the decorated Christmas tree will shine in the dark and cold days. While Christmas baubles in different variants are indispensable, every Christmas tree decoration is different from home to home. Select your own tree decoration with care to add a personal and individual touch to your Christmas tree. The choice is unlimited. Straw stars, porcelain baubles, wooden hanging decoration and other materials in various shapes as well as LED hanging decoration items are fantastic options to add your own expression to the Christmas tree.

Decór – individual and creative through the winter

What would be your room without any decoration? Well, very impersonal. Already small changes can help to make your home cosy and homely. We have a very wide range of decoration assortment for different decoration ideas and tastes. If you want to create beautiful Christmas and winter atmospheres, go for snowmen, angels or Santa Claus.

Other hanging decorations and figurines can create a simple yet still festive winter and Christmas atmosphere. Candle holders and tea light holders are also great. LED pictures, LED garlands, LED figurines and other LED ornaments can give you warm lights even in a very different way.

Winter bed linen for sweet dreams

When the snow falls and the streets are covered white, treat yourself to a cuddly pillow and a warm duvet to enjoy sweet and soft dreams. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to end a cold winter day in this way?

You will find the perfect duvet cover set in the best quality. Popular winter motifs such as lovely stars, snowflakes, moose as well as classical check patterns in a cottage style, you will find definitely the right bed linen set for yourself at Erwin Müller.

Elegant Christmas dinner table - from napkin to table decór

Christmas is a celebration of love, and also of a hearty and festive meal. The whole family comes together for the Christmas dinner, telling stories, laughing, eating and drinking. A dinner table with festive decoration creates the suitable atmosphere and makes everything look more delicious. Whatever you plan to serve for the Christmas dinner, serve them on high quality table linen using matching crockery and cutlery. A table runner with Christmas motifs and stylish napkin ring will finish the festive look.

Our Tip: Put a pretty Advent wreath and 4 candles well before Christmas to decorate your table.

In the Christmas bakery ...

Yes, finally! It’s time for yummy Christmas cookies and gingerbread! It’s always great fun, when the old and the young come together to bake Christmas specialties.

We’ve got pretty aprons for you and your children and of course all what you need for your Christmas bakery.