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Beautiful colours
for golden autumn –
selected by Erwin Müller

The days are getting shorter and the nights colder. Slowly but surely, summer vibes are leaving us. But there is no reason to mourn the end of summer. Just look forward to golden autumn of this year: Long walks through rustling leaves in the woods, cosy hours over tasty tea and a great book, and upcoming Christmas season! Enjoy mother nature’s spectacular show of changing colours! You might feel inspired by the nature to invite the autumn spirit to your own home, too. Earthy shades are of course must-haves for the autumn months. Strong berry colours and neutral grey as well as prints of falling leaves will round up the look. Learn more about the effects of colours and their stylish combinations to find the suitable home textiles and decoration items for a touch of autumn in your own four walls.

Warm and cuddly bedding –
for relaxing nights and cheerful mornings

The colours red, orange and yellow can perfectly represent a sunny, pleasant autumn morning. All these three colours feel warm and can be found everywhere in nature in autumn. Red wild vine leaves, orange coloured falling leaves on the street and in the forest, the vivid pumpkin and the radiant yellow sunflowers and chrysanthemum…the autumn stages enchanting play of friendly colours every year. While red stands for passion, love and activity and easily attracts attention, the colour orange signalizes closeness, trust and lust for life. Yellow means cheerfulness, relaxation and optimism.

Get inspired by nature and add warm and positive colours to your home. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to wake up surrounded by a sea of warm colours and to be welcomed by the autumn sunshine? Treat yourself to our high quality duvet cover sets, cosy nightwear for men, women and children and cuddly-soft bath textiles! What else would you need for a great start into a new day?

Pure elegance thanks to modest earth shades

Another popular colour combination is beige and brown. Tone on tone is anything but boring and can be extraordinarily noble! Brown as well as beige makes a homely and warm atmosphere. The combination is very harmonious and creates a touch of elegance with cosiness. For those who want strong colours only for small decoration elements or rather in a flower bouquet, and prefer neutral colours for a large area, bed linens in beige and brown are just the right choice.

The good point is: The accessories in your bedroom can have any colour, because simply all colours will match to these earthy tones. You can find pyjamas for ladies and men in our shop for even more tone on tone interior ideas. These down-to-earth colours can be also extended to your living room and dining room. Don’t hesitate to get cuddly blankets, throws, cushions, tablecloths and crockery in noble brown and beige shades.

Use vibrant colours
and exquisite fabrics

Not really modest, but berry shades can set a really intensive statement to your interior. Whether you set individual colour accents or use it as the colour scheme for the whole house, textile in wine-red, berry and rose pink will give your home a touch of luxury and extravagance. Decorative throw cushions and blankets made of high quality materials in these colours will create a strong impression.

Our suggestion: Add different cushions in red, rose pink and berry shades to make your living room especially homely and stylish. Wine-red shades can be also fantastic in your bedroom. Browse through our online shop to find matching bed linens and nightwear in elegant berry colours.

Play with
colours –
playful accessories in green and blue

Although earthy colours and red shades are the dominant colours of autumn, the blue- and green shades can well be parts of your autumn colour scheme. Well, autumn means that cold winter is coming closer and icy blue can be a signal for it. Evergreen trees don’t change their colours anyway and the meadows still stay green in autumn, so green can definitely be an option for your autumn home, too

If you want to add contrast to red- & orange shades, choose green and blue for your decoration items, home textiles, table linen, bath textiles or crockery.

Enchanting lights –
atmospheric decoration for cold nights

In addition to bed linens, kitchen- & bathroom textiles and tableware, accessories play an important role to make your home feel really cosy with an individual touch. Particularly during the cold months in the year, when the day gets shorter and the night longer, candles are absolutely must-haves. Tea lights are great to create atmospheric lights. Other decorative items such as figurines or hanging elements can jazz up your room instantly.

Or a do-it-yourself decoration bowl is also a good idea. Simply fill an elegant decoration bowl with high quality candles and some finds from nature. It’s your choice whether you choose the decoration for minimalism or rather playful interior. You will find many decoration products for all kinds of tastes at Erwin Müller online shop.

♥ Decoration tip
candle holder with heather

We decorated a candle holder with heather, also known as Erica For a warm and homey atmosphere. Let yourself inspired and decorate your own candle holder with various materials discovered in nature.