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Table linen to match
the cottage style!

Rustic table linen as well as simple crockery and cutlery will set an rustic and detailed accent on your table.

With a right table setting, the meal will taste even better! Whether classy and elegant or country-style, you will discover everything you need for your kitchen and dining table.

30-pc tableware set "Palermo"
not available

For hobby cooks and star chefs!

The cold winter months are the ideal period to spend more time in the kitchen. Whether you experiment with new recipes or cook traditional fare, the chill will go away already while you prepare for cooking.

You can create a beautiful meal time with kitchen utensils, place mats and tableware from our Erwin Müller online shop.

Warm companionfor cold winter days!

We spend much more time in our house in the cold season. One more reason to add some fresh colours to your home and also to create your own personal wellbeing-paradise. 

Cuddly blanket throws and decorative cushion covers are simply must-haves on your sofa. They are not only practical and cosy accessories but also reflect your style. The heater is already turned up but you are suddenly freezing? Wrap yourself up in your favourite blanket to feel the cosy warmth.

Cottage feelingwith fabulous decoration!

Maybe you are lucky to discover deer, foxes or owls on your winter walk in the forest. You can also bring them home by choosing cushion covers and decoration figurines with such forest animal motifs. Such traditional and natural motifs will make you feel as if being in a wintry mountain. 

Rustic alpine charmfor more cosiness!

Fields, forests and meadows are covered in snow, the temperature is way below zero and it is snowing and snowing. Make your home warm and cosy and enjoy relaxing moments in a style of a mountain hut. Warm colours of red mixed with grey or check patterns are especially popular this winter and they create a beautiful contrast to the white winter landscape.

Cuddle and snuggle!

Get wonderfully soft and cosy pyjamas and nightshirts for a really good night’s sleep. You will definitely find something suitable for your own taste in our shop. Don’t forget a pair of warm and cuddly bed slippers to keep your feet warm!

SaunaLuxury for body & soul

Treat yourself to a infusion sauna, while the snow falls gently. High quality sauna towels & spa wraps will make your stay really cosy. Stay fit and warm through the winter! 

Wintera time for spa and wellness!

It’s the end of the day. You want to spend your evening relaxed and unwound? Pick a nice book and a hot water bottle and snuggle up into a cuddly blanket on your favourite sofa, while your loved one is preparing a fragrant bath water and candle lights for a romantic evening. A cuddly bathrobe after a bath will keep you warm and snug.