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Ready for the island? Bring a touch of Bali to your home!


Imagine that you wake up fully rested in a large canopy bed. While you hear the gentle rustle of the waves in the background, the palms and ferns in front of your window peek through the swaying curtains. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? We think so. You can make your Bali dream come true at home easily, even without spending too much money. Why don’t you enjoy delicious breakfast in your summery half-linen bed linen and start your day relaxed and full of positive energy. A cuddly-soft morning robe will wrap you warm and cosy on a cool day and make you feel as if being in a luxurious spa resort. Put fresh flowers in a pretty vase on your bedside table to add a friendly atmosphere!


Smoothie-Bowl – Colourful & Trendy!

We’ve got beautiful bowls in an exotic look for your breakfast in bed. Fill the bowl with fresh fruits or other ingredients for a delicious snack.

Add a tropical breeze!

Decorative elements such as cushions and blankets are great to create a sunny island paradise in your own home. You don’t have to give up all your current interiors. A few new details will do to change and jazz up the look. Browse through our shop to discover simple, plain-dyed cushion covers in sunny yellow or ocean blue as well as those with bold print patterns. Or go for the cushion in a shape of a pineapple to make it a fabulous eye-catcher on your sofa.

For the moments of exotic holiday tastes!

What comes to your mind when you think of Bali or Asia in general? Next to the gorgeous beaches, breath-taking nature and interesting culture, it is definitely the culinary experience, like Nasi Goreng or various types of curry. Do you miss the delicious tastes of Bali? Then, cook something exotic and invite your friends and family to enjoy the meal set on a green tablecloth with jungle-inspired prints. Bon Appétit! Doesn’t it almost feel like a holiday, when you gather together with good friends and family sharing a yummy moment?


Namasté – Yoga to balance your body and mind

Originating from Hinduism, yoga became a popular lifestyle sport and a way of living worldwide, also in Bali. Whether doing sweaty power-yoga or relaxing yin-yoga or meditation, you can enjoy a spiritual time-out at home, too. You only need a gym mat and comfy clothes for it. Just in case it gets a little bit sweaty, make sure you have an absorbent towel at hand. You will realize how yoga benefits your body and mind and how it boosts your energy, so that you can master your daily life better. So, it will have a kind of similar effect like holidays!



Vitalize your home with elements of Asian culture


In addition to Hinduism, you find also Buddhism in Bali. Buddhism came from Hinduism and both religions have strong focuses on spiritual awakening and both aim for enlightenment, although these two religions differ in many other aspects. You can create a spiritual atmosphere by decorating your home with elements of Hinduism or Buddhism. Buddha figurines, for example, exude serenity and became well-accepted decoration elements in the western world.


The Asian elephant is ever-present in many Hindu and Buddhist countries, not only as a workforce in the daily life but also as a holy religious symbol. Why don’t you get a lovely elephant figurine for your own home? Some exotic plants and candle holder and fairy lights will also help create a holiday feeling.


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