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1001 Nights  - Let yourself be enchanted!

Dive into the world of gorgeous silk, oriental fragrances and inspiring decoration elements.
Bring a magic of oriental fairy tales into your home! You can find lots of different products which
will provide your home with fabulous oriental charm.


Oriental Dinner Table

Create a beautiful dinner table with a touch of the exotic! Use glasses with ornaments on traditional tablecloths, so that these glasses can stand out as fantastic table decoration.

Your guests will love to have an oriental dinner surrounded by carefully selected decoration elements exuding a mystical and fascinating atmosphere.

If you want, you could turn your dining room completely into an oriental paradise. Put a classical orient carpet on the floors, add many cushions and a low table, so that you can sit and eat on the floor!

Fragrances and Decoration

It’s easy to bring the Orient into your home with our wide range of assortment! Enjoy this contemplative atmosphere which will give you a break from the stressful day-to-day life.

Why not add some room fragrances with oriental spices or a couple of tea light holders?
Let shadows of oriental patterns dance in the candle light. A beautiful Buddha statue would be another good idea.

Discover a variety of items for oriental style home!

This is how princesses sleep

in 1001 Nights

When you think of 1001 Nights, delicately smooth and silky fabric will come to your mind. You can have your own realm of magic oriental dreams by choosing matching bed linen for your bedroom. Velvety-soft and cuddly bed linen of high quality materials can be found in our shop. From skin-friendly cotton to premium quality Egyptian cotton sateen, you will definitely find one to spoil yourself. Duvet covers and pillowcases with oriental patterns and ornaments will jazz up your bedroom with fabulous charm of 1001 Nights. Add bed canopies and drapes to finish a romantic bed for princesses of 1001 Nights.

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Make your home
cosy in the oriental style!

1001 Nights can be a decoration theme for any room of your home. A cuddly-soft blanket or throw with oriental patterns is simply a must-have.

Small decoration elements, figurines, cushions and blankets can turn your living room into a place of relaxation, where you can unwind and chill out after work.

Colours of red, wine red, orange and yellow might remind you of the colourful hustle and bustle of the Orient.

What about an 
oriental spa?


Also a bathroom can be transformed into an oasis of well-being. Small details such as tea light holders or fleecy-soft towels in strong colours of the Orient can create a great look. Find a matching bath mat which will keep your feet warm after a shower in a cold winter day.

Orange, red, violet, yellow – start your morning with bright colours to lift your spirits. You can coordinate your bathroom with the typically oriental colours and patterns. Shower curtains, toilet mats and many other bathroom textiles that match with the style of 1001 Nights await you in our online shop.


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