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Summer, Sun, Garden Party


The cold season is gone, the days are getting longer and the barbecue season has finally started. Now, it’s time for a great garden party for friends and family to share pleasant and relaxing moments together in the fresh air and sunlight! The party needs to be planned properly: From the decoration, culinary supply to the summery outfit, every detail should be coordinated, so that you can feel comfortable and your guests would not miss anything. You will find all you need for your garden party at our theme world “Garden Party.” Get inspired and throw a fantastic party!



It’s all about equipments!


What would you need to spend a day outdoors? Beautiful cutlery and a crockery set, a stylish yet practical tablecloth as well as seat pads and cushions for your guests. Paper lanterns, fairy lights and tea lights will create an idyllic atmosphere when the sun goes down. Advice: Go for tablecloths by the meter with a width of 140 cm for your beer bench!



Jazz up your garden table with fabrics by the meter!


When the grill says hello to you…


… the foodies are not far away. Whether vegetables, cheese or meat – a well seasoned grill specialty is an absolute must in spring and summer. High quality utensils are the alpha and the omega for a real barbecue pro.



From barbecue tongs, professional grill, you will find many utensils that will make a passionate grill master happy for a fabulous barbecue event.


not available



A Journey into the
Land of Dreams



The evening comes to an end, the bellies are full and the guests say good-bye to each other. Now, it’s time to jump into the freshly made bed and dive into the land of dreams, so that you can start into another sunny day feeling refreshed.



Bed linens in bright colours are just the right choice for summer months to bring the cheerfulness to the night. Browse through our bed linen collection and find the suitable duvet cover for warm summer nights.








Decoration Ideas:
Garden Oasis with Personality


In addition to textiles and tableware, decorative items for home and also for balcony or garden give a hint of personal touch to the atmosphere.


Use playful flower pots, funny figurines or romantic candle holders to create a cosy atmosphere. Pretty hanging decorations or colourful fairy lights can be hung over trees and a small tea light holder can complete table decoration.


Summery Fabrics to feel comfy –
all day long!

The garden is ready for summer, the table is set for the feast, the meal is prepared and the drinks kept cold – everyone is just waiting for you! Summery dresses are popular among ladies who want to look great without having to wear too much fabric. You will find many chic and comfy dresses under our category called casual clothing.


If you feel cold somehow, a cuddly blanket will make you feel warm and cosy. Cotton throws are ideal for a little nap on the green. Why don’t you take a time-out for yourself? Sit back and relax on a cuddly blanket with a nice book to read.